Why Should I Learn Excel Macros?

Why Should I Learn Excel Macros?

Well, why indeed?

Steven Covey says we should “Begin with the end in mind”. Lets’ see where you are now, and where we want to get to.

Right now, you use Microsoft Excel a lot. Much of what you do is repetitive.


•      Converting data from one format to another

•      Importing data from a different source

•      Re-formatting data

•      Rearranging data

•      Consolidating or summarizing information

•      Re-doing the same calculations

•      Repeating the same action many times.

You say to yourself, "If only Excel could remember and repeat what I did yesterday / last week / last month!"  Well, now it can, with Excel Macros.

You can:

•      Take an hour's repetitive work and re-run it in minutes...

•      Change your recorded Macro to fix any mistakes...

•      Edit it to repeat for all selected cells...

•      Or repeat a specified number of times...

•      Get it to ask you for data when necessary...

•      Get hours of your day back to use more productively...

•      Give your colleagues better, faster ways of working...

•      Become the star in your company, the "Excel Expert"...

•      – In the process, eliminate drudgery, stimulate your mind, get promoted, and get your life back!

All this is possible with Excel Macros.

What is more, you can do it in your own time.  Slow down (or speed up) as you like. You get lifetime access.  No-one can see you mess up, or judge you. There is a “Comments” section where you can ask for help.

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